Construction Services

TDX’s construction management team provides coordination and control over all aspects of work in the field in order to produce an organized, timely and cost effective construction effort.  This includes the assurance that all members of the project team work in concert and carry out their respective responsibilities on the project.

Construction phase services include:

  • Schedule Management
    Ensure adherence to the official project schedule and monitor milestone work activities.
  • Inspection and Supervision
    Conduct quality review and inspection of work installed by contractors.
  • Comprehensive Safety Plans
    Daily site inspections to assure that the requirements of the Site Logistics Plan are met and that the site is kept in good order.
  • Bi-weekly Job Meetings
  • Monthly Core Team Meetings
  • Project Reporting and record keeping
  • Testing and Special Inspections
  • Evaluation and Processing of:
    • Change Orders
    • Contractor Payment Requests
    • Contractor Claims

Project Closeout

Separate closeout files are created for each prime contractor and a closeout list is prepared including as-built drawings, maintenance and operation manuals, punch lists, owner acceptance, building department sign-off, guarantees, payment affidavit, and the consent of surety.  Prior to acceptance by the Owner, “preliminary” and “final” Punchlists are prepared by the project team and inspections are performed for each contractor. When the entire project team is fully satisfied with the work, a recommendation is made for final payment and close out of each contract.